Top Gambling CPA networks: choosing the best network for webmasters and advertisers

What is this article about?

  1. How Gambling affiliate marketing works for webmasters and advertisers?
  2. What is a Gambling CPA network?
  3. What types of affiliate networks are there?
  4. How to choose the best Gambling CPA network?
  5. Top Gambling affiliate networks 
  6. Conclusion

The Gambling sector has always been well-liked, and with the emergence of online Gambling, it has grown even more profitable. Selecting a Gambling CPA platform to partner with is one of the most crucial choices you will have to make as a webmaster or advertiser trying to break into this niche.

However, how can one avoid falling short when it comes to selecting the top casino CPA networks? What are the stumbling stones of every Gambling affiliate network you want to work with? Questioned and answered right in this article!

How Gambling affiliate marketing works for webmasters and advertisers?

Let’s start by going over the basics of online marketing for casinos. 

Webmasters (also referred to as affiliates) build websites or other platforms specifically meant to advertise different iGaming brands and casino games. To draw new gamers to Gambling websites, they make use of their content, marketing techniques, and online presence.

Conversely, advertisers are the gambling and betting operators that aim to increase their clientele and reach. They collaborate with webmasters by providing them with unique tracking links or banners that direct users to their Gambling platforms.

Types of payment models in Gambling affiliate marketing

Now, let’s delve into the payment models that webmasters and advertisers can agree upon:

CPA (Cost Per Action)

The foundation of this model is a set payout for each player who is referred to and completes a particular task, such as registering, depositing money, or placing a wager. 

The player’s activity level, GEO, and the particular conditions given by the advertiser can all affect the CPA rate. Webmasters who can generate high-quality traffic that turns into active players will find CPA offers especially appealing as they offer instant revenue.

RevShare (Revenue Sharing)

Under this approach, webmasters receive a portion of the net revenue that referred players make during their whole stay on the gambling site. Depending on the parties’ agreement, the proportion can be anything from 20% to 50% or higher. 

Webmasters can profit from continuous commissions and long-term player value through revenue sharing. On the other hand, compared to the CPA model, it could take longer to see significant profits.

Hybrid model

The best of both worlds (RevShare and CPA) are combined in this model. In a Gambling vertical, webmasters receive an initial CPA payment for referring players, followed by a revenue sharing commission based on the players’ activity and net revenue generated.

This strategy strikes a balance between possible long-term rewards and current income. Webmasters that wish to increase their profits and diversify their money streams frequently select this option.

It’s important to note that each payment model has its advantages and considerations. Before settling on the best model for their affiliate marketing endeavors, webmasters should conduct a thorough analysis of their traffic sources, target market, and goals. To maintain openness and prevent any future issues, it’s also essential to clearly define terms and conditions in the agreement between webmasters and advertisers.

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What is a Gambling CPA network?

By serving as an intermediary, a CPA network links webmasters and advertisers for their mutual advantage. In the Gambling niche, these networks are essential for bringing in business and producing leads for online casinos, poker rooms, sports betting websites, and other Gambling platforms.

CPA networks operate on the tenets that webmasters must make money and advertisers must reach a wider audience. While the former have traffic, the latter offer money in exchange for certain acts. In a sense, CPA networks serve as an arbitrator, resolving disputes and correcting infractions as needed.

How many CPA networks for online casinos have you changed before getting to know about Yellana? Share with us and other webmasters or ask any question you may have to our support team – we are just one click away!

Affiliate networks: what do they do?

Affiliate networks could initially appear to be nothing more than middlemen. However, the actually encompass a wide range of practical purposes:

  • Attracting direct advertisers
    It means conducting advertising campaigns, negotiating terms and conditions and checking new affiliates for shadiness.
  • Developing infrastructure
    And providing webmasters with useful tools that increase the efficiency of traffic running.
  • Preparing promo materials
    They may include various landing pages, creatives, banners and other formats that will be used later in the advertising campaigns.
  • Monitoring the data
    By doing so, webmasters can track the performance of various traffic sources. Statistics are usually updated quickly and provide a comprehensive view of the entire campaign.
  • Settling disputes
    In affiliate marketing, disagreements about traffic quality, rejected leads, and inflated holds are unavoidable. Your Gambling affiliate network will assist in reaching a consensus so that everyone remains in a win-win scenario.
  • Serving as a surety
    An affiliate marketer who directly collaborates with an advertiser is not shielded from a payment freeze or deceptive lead generation that manipulates webmaster statistics. Reputable CPA networks stand up for its affiliates’ rights.

At Yellana, we evaluate disagreements that may arise throughout our work objectively, taking into account all relevant information to render just decisions. By doing this, we guarantee the highest level of professionalism and profits.

What types of affiliate networks are there?

Knowing how to classify affiliate networks is essential before delving into CPA networks for online casinos. Broadly speaking, affiliate marketing networks come in 3 varieties, depending on the:

  • Niche
    In this context, you can observe the direction of company activities, whether it is Dating, Gambling, Betting, Soft, Finance, Sweepstakes etc. Nowadays, the market hosts the highest concentration of affiliate networks with a broad verticals’ coverage that aggregates offers from many sources.

Yellana works with various verticals, including Gambling, Betting, Software, Finance and Dating.

  • GEO
    This parameter determines the binding to the area in which the affiliate network operates. There are sizable networks that operate in every well-known market as well as others that are focused on a particular area.

    Payments for webmasters are higher in Tier 1 GEOs, but newbies won’t be able to manage such nations. Therefore, initially, advertising campaigns are launched on less difficult Tier 2 and Tier 3 GEOs before moving on to more expensive traffic.

Yellana affiliate network works in a number of GEOs to meet the demands of each affiliate who is interested in collaborating with us.

Do you want to know specifics? Get registered and join the Yellana team!

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  • Work format
    Most affiliate networks operate transparently: they do not turn away even small amounts of traffic and welcome all webmasters. Although private networks are less popular, they typically provide better working environments, such as high rates for the target action and private offers. To enter a private network, you’ll need to verify your experience in an interview with the management.

Yellana welcomes every webmaster who would like to work with us, but following registration, you’ll need to ensure your qualifications and provide the statistics on previous advertising campaigns to agree about traffic volumes, convenient rates and other details!

How to choose the best Gambling CPA network?

In the Gambling industry, there are a number of things to take into account while selecting a gambling CPA network, both from the standpoint of webmasters and advertisers. To assist you make an informed choice, let’s examine these variables in more detail.


When choosing Gambling CPA platforms to partner with, this needs to be your first consideration. It is imperative to ascertain the credibility and performance history of the network you select. One way to find out about a network’s experience and dependability is to read reviews left by other webmasters and marketers who have previously worked with it.

You can find multiple reviews about Yellana online to confirm that we are not involved in any scams. We are a RichAds ad network project that upholds the same exacting standards for corporate communications.

Variety of offers

A diverse selection of offers from various iGaming platforms should be present in the best Gambling CPA networks. This will expand your selection and raise the likelihood that you will come across the best offers that are appropriate for your intended market. Additionally, it’s critical to see if the network gives exclusive offers that aren’t seen in other networks.

Traffic approval

It is important for you as a webmaster to make sure that the network will accept your traffic. Checking these criteria before signing up with a network is vital to prevent any problems later on. Certain networks have tight policies and may prohibit traffic from specific countries or sources.

Hold period and commissions

The amount of time that passes before you receive payment as the network verifies and approves your leads is known as the “hold period.” Selecting a network with a fair hold period is crucial because a longer hold period will need you to wait longer to get paid after running traffic to Gambling offers. 

In relation to commissions, be sure you are receiving the greatest deal by comparing the prices provided by various networks.

Support team

A trustworthy CPA network ought to have a committed support staff on hand to help with any queries or problems you may run into while running Gambling traffic. For webmasters who might want assistance with lead monitoring or campaign optimization, this is extremely crucial to have a dedicated affiliate manager. An attentive and accommodating support staff can have a significant impact on your CPA network experience.

While the Yellana support team is available around-the-clock, the most pressing inquiries ought to be addressed during regular business hours. However, for everyday and urgent matters, you can handle your questions on the weekends.

Top Gambling affiliate networks 

Based on everything we’ve said above, here is the list of the best Gambling CPA platforms worth paying attention to in 2023:

Traffic Cake


To sum up, entering the Gambling market and selecting the best Gambling CPA network necessitates careful investigation and evaluation of numerous aspects.

Working with a reliable network that provides a range of relevant Gambling offers, approves your traffic, has fair hold times and commissions, and has a helpful support staff is what you want as a webmaster. As an advertiser, you want to deal with a network that has a strong infrastructure, can handle disputes amicably, and can draw in high-quality traffic.

By considering these elements, you can select the best CPA network that will assist you in reaching your objectives in the iGaming sector. We at Yellana aim to consider all possible angles so that our webmasters and advertisers can strive in the Gambling industry!

Daniil Kolesnikov is the author powering the content on the Yellana blog. Having written captivating articles on Web3 and Forex trading subjects in the past, his current area of expertise is affiliate marketing. Even when exploring many different niches for two years, the passion for iGaming is where his skills and creativity are currently directed. Follow Daniil for expert insights and fresh perspectives on affiliate marketing strategies in the vibrant iGaming landscape.