Top ideas to Monetize Dating Offers in 2023

What is this article about?

  1. Why is it worth driving traffic to Dating niche?
  2. Types of dating offers
  3. Check-list on Dating promotion: 4 stages

How to monetize dating traffic and get a huge profit from each campaign?

In this guide we will tell you everything — types of payouts, traffic sources, creatives, landing pages and offers to launch.

In 2023, it is quite easy to promote online dating ads, because this niche is converting from year to year and is only gaining momentum. There are more and more dating sites for different tastes, and many people start to use online dating sites and applications, which opens up wide horizons for marketers.

Why is it worth driving traffic to Dating niche?

As we mentioned above, dating advertising is very popular among webmasters. 

There are several reasons why you should pay attention to this vertical, we list them below!

  • Skyrocketing demand.
    According to Statista, the profit of online dating sites will reach $2.98 billion in 2023. Moreover, by 2027 it will increase even more — it is expected to grow to $3.39 billion, so the prospects are really huge!
  • A wide and diverse audience.
    This vertical attracts many users of different orientations, marital status, gender and age. In general, the audience of dating apps will reach 438 million users by 2027, according to Statista forecasts.
  • Attractive payouts.
    Dating apps and sites often offer marketers high payouts, sometimes up to 75% of the sale amount. This is what makes this vertical as profitable as possible for affiliate marketing specialists.
  • An easy way to earn money.
    Many dating platforms work according to the RevShare model, which means that a marketer can receive payments monthly as long as their clients remain active on the site.
Statista data on dating sites and apps profit

Types of dating offers

This niche is not limited to classic dating apps like Tinder or Hinge, dating traffic can be divided into two groups:

  • 18+ dating — this niche includes dating for sex for both men and women, clients with specific fetishes, short-term and easy communication for people of any orientation.
  • Mainstream dating — the widest possible vertical, aimed at long-term dating and meeting singles, it can be communication on specific interests, for example, there are similar dating sites for vegetarians, pet lovers or travelers.
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Check-list on Dating promotion: 4 stages

Now that you know what kind of Dating offers exist and why it’s worth testing them, let’s look at the ways to promote dating with affiliate marketing.

We have prepared a checklist for you. It can be used with any expertise in this vertical, do not miss it!

1. Choose the payout type

There are four main payout models for the Dating niche, we will analyze each one below, and you choose the most interesting one according to your experience and needs.

  • PPS (pay per sale)
    This is a model when affiliates receive a percentage of purchases on an online dating site made through their referral link. Payments can range from 30% to 75% of the sale amount.
  • PPL (pay per lead)
    In this model, marketers are paid for each lead they send to a dating site. This can be registration for a free trial or filling out a form on the platform. Payouts can vary from $1 to $10 per lead.
  • Revenue share
    This model allows affiliates to receive a percentage of the income that their leads bring for a certain period of time, usually monthly. Payments can range from 25% to 50% of revenue.
  • Hybrid model
    Some dating platforms offer a combination of PPS and PPL models, where webmasters can receive both commissions from in-app sales and payments for attracting potential customers.

2. Look for a working traffic source

Obviously, dating traffic monetization is not a difficult task if you know how to work with a specific traffic source.

There are 5 main types of traffic that are popular with marketers and will definitely bring you a high CR.

  1. SEO traffic.
    The advantages are quite obvious — with the help of this type of traffic it is possible to attract high-quality leads and organic traffic, but you will need to spend a lot of time creating useful content for the site, and taking into account all aspects of its work — from interesting articles to the page loading speed.
  2. Social networks.
    Instagram and Facebook that are time-tested social platforms, as well as Tiktok, which is gaining popularity, are great for promoting Dating. On the platforms you can use targeting for a certain audience, keywords, as well as a retargeting option. The most obvious disadvantage is that they are not suitable for hot dating promotion.
  1. Native ads.
    The name of this traffic source speaks for itself — your advertising will be embedded in the content of the site as imperceptibly and natively as possible. It will encourage users to pay attention to it more often and be more loyal. This format proves its effectiveness for Dating offers from year to year.
  2. Influence marketing.
    A relatively new, but working way of promotion is influence marketing. This source is as easy to use as possible — bloggers of various media will mention your dating application in their video or photo content, so you will definitely get a high-quality and real audience.
  3. Push and in-page push.
    The most uncomplicated sources in launching Dating campaigns are push and in-page push notifications. In the case of classic push ads, the user agrees to receive ads, and the in-page push ads look like a notification on a specific site. The cost of such advertising is quite low, and the CR is high.

3. Find the approach to creatives

We have collected basic ideas for texts that will help you promote Dating offers and get maximum profit.

  • Personal address.
    Hello, I like you 😘
    Let’s meet today 💕 💕
  • Teaser.
    (1) Message from Maria 💌
    I’m lonely, wanna chat?
  • Intrigue.
    Anna has sent (7) pictures
    Click OK to read the message.
  • Proximity.
    Zoy: new message (3.2 km)
    Hi, what’s up? Let’s meet today 😍😘
  • Questions.
    Looking for a woman?
    Beautiful ladies from Belarus & Russia.
  • Bonuses.
    You can meet your real love!
    Free chats with hundreds of women.

As for landing pages, there are some tips that you can use to make your page convert.

  • A simple registration form.
    The user should not have any questions when he visits the page of the dating application or website — everything should be as easy as possible.
  • Show diversity.
    This works especially well for hot video services and sites that are aimed at dating with people from different countries.
  • Make an accent on peculiarities.
    If the site is specifically for sex meetings or for people with certain interests or orientation, demonstrate this on the landing page.

4. Define the best offer

Now that you know exactly how to promote Dating offers in 2023, it’s time to choose the best Dating ad that will bring you profit this year!

Offer Preview
Offer Preview
Offer Preview Encuentrosfelices DOI
  • Stripchat
    GEO: WW
    CPL: 2.4-3.6 USD
    Paid action: registration
Offer Preview Stripchat 

Now you definitely should not have doubts about finding the converting  offers and thinking about  their successful launch for the Dating vertical.

Now there is only one step left — take an offer from Yellana and increase your profit income!

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