How to Advertise Sweepstakes: top-notch ideas

What is this article about?

  1. What are sweepstakes ads?
  2. Why is it worth working with sweepstakes advertising?
  3. Types of sweepstakes offers
  4. Best ad formats for sweepstakes promotion
  5. How to promote sweepstakes offers
  6. Sweepstakes advertising trends of 2023
  7. Landing pages tips for sweepstakes advertising
  8. Lucrative sweepstakes offers from Yellana
  9. Conclusion

Despite being around for a while, sweepstakes ads are still popular today.

Why is that? These offers are ideal for beginners because they emphasize high conversion, low cost, and fantastic results. 

Continue reading to learn the most recent strategies being used by marketing professionals to advertise sweepstakes.

What are sweepstakes ads?

The word “sweepstakes” refers to a variety of offers that give users the chance to win a prize in exchange for requested actions, such as email, contact entry or subscription.

The most popular prizes are electronic devices, tickets to a vacation, music festival, or other form of event, gift cards to stores, and even vehicles. However, giveaways can be anything at all.

The simple entry requirements and low starting costs of the sweepstakes have contributed significantly to its success. The sweepstakes vertical is frequently recognized as being the most beginner-friendly push ad marketing vertical. Additionally, one of the most well-known verticals for push advertising is sweepstakes.

Why is it worth working with sweepstakes advertising?

Sweepstakes offers are so attractive for a number of reasons.

For instance, they are independent of the state of the economy and are never impacted by large-scale events that are now taking place in the world. People will always desire free things if you ask them to, especially if there is no entry fee and all they need to do is provide you their email and some other details.

Here are some important giveaway statistics for 2023:

  • Google searches for giveaways return 620,000,000 results;
  • Every day, more than 150,000 new giveaways are announced on social media;
  • With more than 5.5 million hashtags, Instagram is the site with the most giveaway entries.

Sweepstakes is also the vertical that is most commonly recommended to less experienced advertisers due to their low barrier to entry and strong conversion rates. Conversions for those offers are also cheap and don’t require the highest quality of traffic because the click flow is so straightforward and clear.

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Types of sweepstakes offers

Another thing to bear in mind is that, even while sweepstakes ads may all follow the same general rules, they frequently take on different shapes. 

Here are the four main categories of sweepstakes offers:

  1. Single-Opt In (SOI) offers
    Single opt-in (SOI) sweepstakes require the least amount of information to enter (only your name or email), making them the most basic kind of offers. SOI sweeps are among the greatest deals in the market in terms of conversion rates. Despite the high conversion rate, the awards are frequently the lowest of all the many types of sweepstakes.
  1. Double-Opt In (DOI) offers
    DOI stands for double opt-in, and even though two-step verification is required, the process is still straightforward. In most cases, users must first enter their information and then confirm it via email. However, DOI offers are a little trickier to convert because not everyone who starts the registration process is prepared to finish it. However, they do provide larger payments, which make up for the slightly lower conversion rates.
  1. CC submits
    The term “CC Submit” refers to the requirement for users to submit their credit card information in order for conversions to be registered. Due to the fact that participants in these sweepstakes are frequently quite reluctant to provide their bank account or credit card information, conversion rates for them are typically the lowest. These entries require a lot more work to set up because you need to use pre-landers, advanced optimization techniques, specific funnels, etc. They also promise the greatest payouts of any sweepstakes.
  1. Mobile Subscriptions
    Customers are urged to sign up for a service through mobile subscription offers in order to have a recurring charge added to their monthly cell phone bill. These offers differ from CC submissions in that they make greater payments and have lower conversion rates. Depending on the offer, one-step verification or two-step verification may also be required.

Best ad formats for sweepstakes promotion

Depending on your skills, pay attention to the following advertising formats:

  1. Pop ads
    Pop ads are just simple to run. There is little need for creatives, and landing pages and offers are frequently offered as a package. Additionally, pop traffic is affordable and abundant, allowing you to spend more on testing and optimization.
  2. Facebook ads
    Facebook allows you to run sweepstakes ads and can make you a huge sum of money, but before you get too enthusiastic, make sure you follow your state or country’s sweepstakes regulations, as well as the Facebook guidelines. It is also vital to launch a campaign at the appropriate time and on the right day to get an early boost. If you can align with a holiday, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, you will get momentum.
  3. Push or in-page push
    Push or in-page push advertising lets you reach users’ devices directly with a non-intrusive and highly engaging message. Push advertising performs particularly well when used in conjunction with mobile targeting. Also, keep in mind that you can employ in-page push advertisements to target iOS users.
  4. Native banners
    The gentlest method of interacting with the audience and pre-warming leads is through native advertising. They don’t appear to be an obvious advertisement because they blend in with the rest of the web page. Customers will see such ads on any browser. Native advertisements are a veritable goldmine for advertisers because people trust them and click on them frequently.

How to promote sweepstakes offers

Before you begin running traffic, have a look at these tips to make sure you won’t experience any usual difficulties in picking the right prize for your audience.

  • Timing
    It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, affiliate marketing offers for sweepstakes are profitable. Although, timing concerns must still be taken into account. For instance, it is preferable to use well-known Apple products for such giveaways during the company’s events, such as the official launch of a new model. Christmas and other holidays are also likely to be taken into consideration when choosing the prizes for your audience.
  • Pick the right bid
    Highest bids don’t mean that you’ll get the highest results possible. Starting with the suggested bid can help you avoid making the mistake of trying to outbid everyone and lose since more isn’t always better. Once conversions start coming in, you’ll be able to manipulate bids and surpass other marketers.
  • First hours matter
    Opt-ins and sign-ups that result in CPA conversions will happen during the first few hours. If you don’t see the results within this timeframe, something went wrong. In this case, alter the messages and values in your offer, and assess the sales funnel to see if the UX is amiss in any way. Although CTRs are great, don’t be fooled; it’s the conversions that matter.
  • Start with broad targeting
    Regardless of your prior expertise with lookalike advertising, consider broad targeting on a new source. To find the finest strategy feasible for your advertising campaign, don’t be afraid to experiment with different GEOs.
  • New GEO for a new ad campaign
    You need a new ad campaign for every new GEO you add in order not to blur the results of such a multi-geo campaign. And don’t be afraid to experiment with various ad formats for various GEOs.
  • React fast
    As the sweepstakes is intended for instant conversion, the point of reaction time is crucial. Let’s say we are promoting sweepstakes via push ads or pops. Have you identified the conversion-generating source? Increase your bid on it. After determining the rate, raise it to the best places or lower the worst ones. Once you’ve updated it with the highest bid, hold onto it until the conversions start going down.

Sweepstakes advertising trends of 2023

Even though sweepstakes offers are perennial, tendencies still exist in them. Let’s examine the trends influencing this sector at the moment in order to keep on top of sweeps advertising.

“Win an iPhone” trend is no longer relative

Affiliate marketers used the “win an iPhone” approach from year to year, but like any good solution, it fizzled out at some point. Lotteries for iPhones have lost their appeal to users. They’ve seen them millions of times already. It is not surprising that gift trends have changed in 2023. It’s time to switch to other prizes if you stop making money from sweepstakes.

Users are actively taking part in cash sweepstakes as a result of the recent crisis’ poor impact on the market. As for the Tier-1 countries, offers like different fitness programs, games, and gaming tools perform well as people in developed countries have been trying to pick up new hobbies or recover from the stay-at-home “fatness.”

Besides, several products including sneakers, Dyson hair dryers, game consoles, and wireless headphones, deliver remarkable performance. Gift cards from well-known businesses continue to be common sweepstakes rewards as well.

Eco-friendly projects

Today, there is a big demand for eco-friendly projects, therefore you can employ related rewards for your sweepstakes. Whether it be a week-long camping excursion or electric vehicles. Additionally, you’ll be able to increase the selection of appropriate placement platforms.


The use of gamification in sweepstakes is still popular. It increases the appeal and excitement of the material and advertisements. The use of leaderboards is one of the most prominent examples of supplementary gamification. Advertisers who integrate leaderboards into landing pages engage consumers and motivate them to take further action by letting users see their direct competitors in the race for a reward. Also, such formats as spin win or wheel of fortune perform well and inspire the desire to win in most users.

Increasing use of technology

A growing number of people are using AI and AR technologies. But it also makes content more tailored and campaigns more successful. Use this information as a great opportunity and a means to boost content engagement.

In addition to the aforementioned factors, remember that using a personalized approach and OS-friendly creatives will improve campaign performance as well.

Landing pages tips for sweepstakes advertising

The most effective pre-landers and landing pages for sweepstakes include engaging games, quizzes, and surveys to prepare users to provide their information. They not only encourage users to interact with the page, but they also create a foundation of legitimacy by convincing them that they are uniquely eligible for the prize.

Comment/review fields are another excellent way to give social support for your offer, while countdown clocks can assist customers develop a feeling of urgency.  Displaying the entire value of the prize on your landing page further encourages users to take advantage of this offer.

Lucrative sweepstakes offers from Yellana

Now that you are aware of what sweepstakes advertising is, time to share our best offers so far!

  1. US CashApp 1000$

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  1. CocaCola – DE

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  1. Harry Potter LEGO – DE

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  1. Amazon 1000€ – DE

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Sweepstakes are an evergreen industry that includes a range of promotions that provide participants the chance to win big prizes in exchange for giving a small amount of data. Keeping up with trends in this market necessitates constant content updates, but quick conversion makes it rewarding. Sweeps are ideal for beginning advertisers because of their simple entrance requirements and high conversions.

Do you want to get regular profits on sweepstakes offers from Yellana? With our amazing support team you’ll be running high-quality traffic only, see for yourself!

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