Mobile Advertising Full Guide

What is this article about?

  1. What is mobile advertising?
  2. Types of mobile ads
  3. 4 reasons to try mobile advertising
  4. Mobile Offers: what are they?
  5. Payout types to choose for mobile ads
  6. Best niches for mobile advertising
  7. Trends impacting mobile ads in 2024
  8. Proficient ways to promote mobile ads
  9. Conclusion

Mobile technology is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our life, so mobile ads have become a must among affiliates. According to Statista, the number of mobile devices is expected to reach 18.22 billion by 2025, an increase of 4.2 billion devices compared to 2020 levels.. Therefore, placing a wager on mobile ads might be a pretty wise move. 

The only question is how to make maximum profits from them in 2024? All the secrets unveiled in the article!

What is mobile advertising?

Mobile advertising refers to any form of advertising that occurs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. Companies can advertise on these devices by placing banner advertisements or SMS text ads on mobile websites. Additionally, they could be present in downloaded applications and mobile games.

Types of mobile ads

Here are some examples of mobile ads you can use in your campaign.

1. Display ads (or banners ads)
For both mobile and desktop, this form of advertising is the oldest and most conventional. Strong call-to-action and eye-catching visuals are typical features of the top display ad examples. Rich media generally outperforms conventional banners, but because of their simplicity, low cost, and convenience, banners continue to be widely used.

display ads

2. Video ads
Because they captivate viewers and keep them interested, mobile video ads are the most effective type of mobile advertising. Since videos are more remembered than other ad formats, this also excels in raising brand recognition. Additionally, they have the best CTR.

video ads

Types of mobile video ads:

  • Rewarded video ads. They are non-skippable, opt-in ads that are used in game apps, so the viewer can decide whether to watch the video in exchange for something. Moreover, once clicking on the ad, users are required to see it through.
  • Native video ads. These advertisements fit in smoothly with the website they are on. These mobile video ads have the appearance and feel like natural content on a webpage or in an application.

3. Interstitial ads
When seen on a phone, they fill the entire screen. Since these ads in mobile apps are skippable ones, it is critical to provide amusing content. Such ads are frequently positioned logically where users interact with mobile apps.

interstitial ads

Interstitial ads have the highest click-through rate since they are so effective at grabbing consumers’ attention. But remember that the amount of work needed to get a conversion is still determined by how well an advertisement and the entire marketing strategy work.

4. Social media ads
Mobile social media advertising is quickly rising to the top of the most significant formats, however each platform has specific advantages and calls for a certain strategy. Because of this, social media advertising may appear to be a difficult, time-consuming procedure. Nevertheless, the effort is wholly rewarded if the appropriate platform is chosen, and a well-thought-out plan is developed.

Social media ads

5. Gamified ads

Gamified (also known as “playable”) ads are a relatively new but extremely promising format that performs surprisingly well if your goal is to increase engagement. These primarily rely on interactive video formats or rich media. The most engaging advertisements are those that can be played, and they inevitably generate more interest than other forms.

Gamified ads
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4 reasons to try mobile advertising

Mobile advertising offers a wide range of advantages. Here are 4 compelling arguments for testing mobile ads.

  • Precise targeting
    The majority of ad networks give businesses the ability to serve tailored advertising, which boosts conversion rates and revenue. Today’s technology allows us to gather a great deal of comprehensive information on users, including their location, type of device, interests, past purchases, and demographic information (e.g., gender, age, marital status, parental status, education level, and family income).
  • Higher user reach
    We spend most of the day with mobile phones at our sides. Thus, more than a half of online traffic is coming from mobile devices. And given that the majority of these individuals belong to Generation Z and the Millenials, a force that has formed will continue to shape online buying in the years to come.
  • Cost efficiency
    This benefit of mobile marketing  is probably one of the most important ones. Due to the smaller screen size of mobile devices compared to desktop or laptop computers, there is less room for advertisements and less expensive and smaller amounts of information are also required. In light of this, mobile advertising is far less expensive than other forms of advertising.
  • Performance tracking
    You have a complete picture of what is happening at every stage of mobile ad campaigns, from launch to completion. You can track your campaign and evaluate main KPIs on any advertising platform.

Mobile Offers: what are they?

There are several types of mobile offers available for affiliates, but we will focus on 4 main ones:

  1. Mobile content
    Affiliates target mobile devices when advertising digital products including eBooks, audiobooks, apps, music and movies.
  2. Mobile subscription
    Affiliates promote products that require a subscription, such as streaming services, digital magazines or SaaS (software as a service) products.
  3. App installs
    Affiliates market apps to a target audience by often combining paid advertising with their social media networks.
  4. Mobile games
    Much like they do for other apps, affiliates advertise mobile games.

Payout types to choose for mobile ads

The majority of mobile ads have prices that are comparable to those of other programmatic advertising formats: they include CPC, PPC, CPM, CPI, CPA, and CPL.

Don’t be confused by the sheer amount of acronyms, though; instead, let’s go over each one.

PPC (pay-per-click), commonly referred to as CPC (cost per click), is a performance-based pricing strategy where payments are determined by the quantity of clicks on an advertisement. Such an approach is excellent for controlling costs and delivering targeted traffic, but it may occasionally be pricey, particularly when it comes to search advertising and hot keywords.

Another widely used metric is CPM (cost-per-mille), which bases its calculation on the quantity of impressions. Since the word “mille” in its name comes from the Latin word “thousand,” payments are calculated based on impressions that are multiples of a thousand. While this strategy heavily depends on ad viewability, it works best for campaigns that want to increase brand awareness. 

The most performance-focused kind of pricing is called CPA (cost-per-action). The payment is determined and paid based on the accomplishment of specific tasks that the advertiser specifies. An example of such an action might be making a purchase, installing an app, signing up for a newsletter, or requesting a quote. This is how the CPI (cost-per-installation) model works: advertisers pay each time a user installs their program.

The CPL (Cost Per Lead) pricing model is used in affiliate marketing to pay affiliates a commission for each lead they generate.

Best niches for mobile advertising

In terms of top verticals that affiliates choose for mobile ads, we want to highlight the most lucrative ones:

Gambling and Betting (also known as iGaming)

Such verticals never disappoint affiliates as these markets have an constantly expanding consumer base.

Right now Yellana’s top offers within this category are:

1. Joo Casino

joo casino

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2. Fbet


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Another well-liked and successful affiliate marketing niche is dating. By 2026, the market for online dating is expected to grow to $9.9 billion, according to Zion Market Research.

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This is another lucrative niche you can try out when working with mobile advertising! Moreover, you can check it out right now with one of our amazing offers:



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Trends impacting mobile ads in 2024

Each affiliate seeks to maximize their earnings, therefore keeping up with mobile advertising trends is essential. Here is what we have learned so far:

1. Short-form video content
Short-form video ads in mobile apps like Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok are widely used across such social media platforms. They are often no longer than 60 seconds, and Gen Z and Millennials favor them above other generations for learning about new products.

2. Surge in mobile shopping
The pandemic and an increase of new mobile search technologies (such as voice search and visual search) contributed to a rise in mobile purchasing. In 2024, mobile devices account for 63% of all e-commerce sales, and E-commerce will share 20.8% of all retail market.

In addition, shoppable posts became the new norm in the world of online shopping. Social media users may instantly reach your website and shopping basket by clicking on a shoppable post.

shoppable post

3. Visual search becomes increasingly significant

Here are some statistics, so you can let the data speak for itself:

  • 36% of customers who shop online use visual search;
  • When searching for information online, 50% of people feel that visual information is more significant than text;
  • One-third of all search queries now return a Google image search result box;
  • Image-based searches account for 74% of all searches;
  • Prior to making a purchase, 72% of US internet users frequently or always browse for visual content.

4. Augmented reality (AR) advertising

Due to its ability to increase brand identification, augmented reality advertisements are currently seen as the future of advertising.

AR marketing will help businesses stand out from the crowd and provide memorable experiences. Top companies have embraced augmented reality with enthusiasm as a way to capture consumers’ attention and foster closer relationships with them. Online advertisements are only just starting to use AR, but expectations are very high.

Proficient ways to promote mobile ads

Several elements will determine your level of success when using mobile ads. Everything is important, from the demographic choices to the size of the banner.

Let’s analyze some options you have and talk about why they are important for your campaign briefly:

  • Select the most suitable format and size for a brand/company you want to promote.
    There are several sizes for mobile ads, but keep in mind that the most important thing is to not be intrusive. If you choose full-screen videos in apps and games, there won’t be any issues. If mobile ad banners are your first choice, then you should exercise extreme caution to prevent bothering and encroaching upon your prospective customers with excessively huge banners and invasive messaging.
  • Don’t provide the user misleading footers or ends.
    For instance, If a mobile banner is placed in the middle of an article and it is wide and tall, the visitor may believe that this article has come to an end, which could ruin their overall experience on that particular website. Additionally, it’s important to adjust the banner size so it’s not obtrusive.
  • Pay attention to optimization.
    It is always essential to optimize an ad campaign to ensure that you make the most money possible while running traffic to the offers you select. Landing pages, creatives, audience, pricing, conversions – everything should be taken into consideration.


Given that the majority of people use smartphones and tablets daily, using mobile ads is a fantastic way to perform internet marketing. For the best mobile advertising results in 2024, you should always keep in mind both your aims and your audience when deciding whether to use banner ads, videos, or your own custom apps for particular campaigns.

With offers from Yellana, you are guaranteed to succeed in mobile ads promotion! Go see for yourself!

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