How to run Gambling in Tier 1 countries

What is this article about?

  1. What is Tier 1 GEO in affiliate marketing
  2. What makes Gambling in Tier 1 GEOs so lucrative?
  3. Launching Gambling Tier 1 ads that convert
  4. iGaming trends for Tier 1 countries in 2024
  5. Gambling offers for Tier 1 GEOs from Yellana
  6. Conclusion

It’s no secret that affiliate marketers hold a special affinity for Tier 1 GEOs. These regions, known for their high-quality traffic, present a golden opportunity for webmasters seeking substantial profits. However, advertising in Tier one countries may be equally alluring and challenging when it comes to one of the most lucrative verticals: Gambling.

To unlock the full potential of this market, understanding goes beyond just the products and services; it requires an intimate knowledge of the local population’s mindset, the nuances of advertising strategies, regulatory landscapes, and a host of other factors.

So, if you’re looking to know how Gambling affiliate marketing in Tier 1 countries works, we will equip you with the insights, strategies, and expertise needed to navigate these lucrative yet challenging waters successfully!

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What is Tier 1 GEO in affiliate marketing

In the context of digital marketing, all countries are categorized into 3 groups (Tiers) according to the following criteria:

  • Level of government intervention in online advertising regulations and advertising campaigns; 
  • Target audience’s standard of living, including their average income;
  • Ability to pay for goods and services online;
  • Payout amount for an offer; 
  • Local political climate;
  • Cost of traffic.

These factors determine the group to which a country will be categorized in terms of advertising. As for Tier 1 countries, they are characterized by a consistently high standard of living, high payouts on offers and the most expensive traffic. 

However, it should be understood that countries can move from one group to another, so there is no set list that has remained constant over time.

The current list of Tier 1 countries in 2024 includes:

USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and the European countries – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Slovenia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland.

It is also important to note that there are Tier 4 GEOs that are characterized by unstable political and economic situations, thus it is strongly advised not to launch any advertising campaigns there.

What makes Gambling in Tier 1 GEOs so lucrative?

In terms of Gambling promotion, Tier 1 countries can boast a lot of advantages.

To start off, these regions have some of the most mature and developed online gambling markets in the world. There are a number of factors making this market attractive to webmasters:

Market size and revenue potential

Let’s take a look at the online gambling market in the US and the UK as two of the most prominent examples of the booming online casino industry:

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United States

The online gambling market in the United States has been experiencing remarkable growth, driven by the increasing popularity of sports betting and the convenience of digital platforms. As of the latest available data, the market is poised for significant expansion:

  • The projected revenue for the online Gambling market in the US is estimated to reach a substantial US$23.03 billion in 2024;
  • Furthermore, it is expected to exhibit a steady annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2028) of 9.53%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$33.15 billion by the year 2028;
  • Globally, the United States is anticipated to generate the highest revenue in the online gambling industry, reaching US$23.03 billion in 2024.

This growth can be attributed to the increasing acceptance and legalization of online gambling in various states across the U.S. As more states regulate the industry and offer betting options, the market continues to expand, providing a significant revenue potential for sports betting operators and marketers working in the sector.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has long been a mature and regulated market for online gambling. Here’s an overview of the market’s growth in the UK:

  • The projected revenue in the online Gambling market in the UK is expected to reach US$13.78 billion in 2024;
  • The market is forecasted to demonstrate an annual growth rate of 3.84%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$16.02 billion by the year 2028.

The growth of the online gambling market in the UK can be attributed to the convenience and accessibility offered by digital platforms. British consumers have embraced online gambling as a convenient way to enjoy a wide range of betting options, including sports and esports betting, casino games, and more.

As we’ve previously stated, Tier 1 GEOs are crucial to the growth of the global iGaming and sports betting industries. This is evident in the graph below, which projects the market size for 2022 and provides a prediction through 2032:

Market size of the online gambling industry worldwide in 2022, with a forecast for 2032 in billion U.S. dollars
(Source: Statista)

High-quality traffic

The amount of traffic and its high quality in Tier 1 countries is highly prized by online businesses and affiliate marketers due to several key characteristics that make it stand out:

  • Higher disposable income
    Tier 1 countries typically have a higher average income and greater disposable income among their populations. This means that users in these countries have more money available to spend on online activities, including gambling. This translates to a higher potential for customer spending and conversions.
  • Tech-savvy user base
    People in these regions are more comfortable using digital devices and are more likely to engage with online content and advertisements. This familiarity with technology can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Stable internet infrastructure
    Tier 1 countries usually have well-developed and stable internet infrastructure. This means that users have consistent access to the internet with high-speed connections, reducing the chances of technical issues that could deter them from engaging with online gambling platforms.
  • Access to payment methods
    Users in Tier 1 GEOs typically have access to a wide range of online payment methods, making it easier for them to deposit funds and participate in online gambling activities. This ease of payment can lead to higher conversion rates and increased revenue for iGaming businesses.
  • Strong regulatory framework
    Tier 1 regions often have well-established regulatory frameworks for online Gambling. This regulatory oversight can provide users with a sense of security and trust when engaging in online gambling, leading to increased participation and retention.

These factors combine to create an environment where users are more likely to engage with online gambling platforms, making Tier 1 traffic highly valuable for businesses and affiliate marketers in the industry.

Continuous growth

The potential for the online gambling industry in Tier 1 countries remains strong. The continued growth of iGaming here is enticing to affiliate marketers for the following reasons:

  • Growing market demand
    As more players shift from traditional brick-and-mortar casinos to online platforms and new technologies emerge, the market expands, offering a larger pool of potential customers for webmasters to target.
  • Diverse Gambling activities
    Tier 1 GEOs offer a diverse range of Gambling verticals, including sports betting, online casinos, poker, and more. This diversity allows affiliate marketers to cater to different niches and target specific audiences, increasing the potential for conversions.
  • Technological advancements
    The iGaming industry in Tier 1 countries continually embraces technological advancements. This includes innovations like live dealer games, mobile gaming, and virtual reality casinos, which provide new opportunities to promote unique experiences and services.
  • Affiliate programs and commissions
    Many online gambling operators in Tier 1 countries offer lucrative affiliate programs with competitive commissions. These programs incentivize affiliate marketers to promote their services and attract new players.

These factors collectively create an environment where affiliate marketers can thrive and tap into the expanding iGaming industry successfully.

Launching Gambling Tier 1 ads that convert

Understanding the psychology of the gamers in Tier 1 countries is crucial when creating online casino ads. These regions frequently view online gambling differently than Tier 2 and Tier 3 GEOs, where the focus may be on economic gain. Here’s how to promote gambling offers in these areas successfully:

Focus on leisure and entertainment

Having fun and taking part in leisure activities are generally prioritized over pursuing rapid financial gains in Tier 1 countries. The concept of amusement and leisure should be reflected in your advertising design. Draw attention to the fact that playing casino games is a fun way for people to relax.

Targeting different player profiles

Regardless of the aforementioned, your audience can be divided into 2 primary groups:

  1. Balanced players who play for fun and entertainment. Provide them with information about licensed scripts, fair gameplay, and responsible gambling practices.
  2. Impulsive and emotional players who are often motivated by bonus offers. Tailor your ads to highlight attractive bonuses and promotions to capture their attention.

Portrait of an average player

Your target audience in Tier 1 countries may typically fit the following profile:

  • Male, aged between 25 and 45 years old;
  • Holds a regular job;
  • Enjoys computer games, indicating an interest in gaming and online entertainment.

Limitations to keep in mind

Avoid making unrealistic promises of quick earnings or easy money in your ads. Such claims may attract an audience that is not financially stable or qualified for online gambling. 

Refrain from specifying minimum deposits or using overly motivational phrases, as they can attract the wrong audience and lead to unprofitable traffic that won’t be approved.

Competitive analysis

Utilize spy services like Adplexity to research and analyze the creatives used by other webmasters. This can provide valuable insights into effective strategies and trends in the online casino advertising landscape.

iGaming trends for Tier 1 countries in 2024

In 2024, several notable trends are shaping the online casino market in Tier 1 countries, with North America leading the way as the fastest-growing market, according to research by Mordor Intelligence. Let’s delve into these trends:

Regulatory developments in the United States

The current legislative framework for online betting in the United States is evolving. While initially limited to bookmakers licensed in Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, more states are moving to regulate online gambling. Pennsylvania, in particular, has emerged as a significant player in the online gambling industry.

New Jersey continues to be a frontrunner, boasting a wide range of online casinos, sportsbooks, and sports betting apps. The state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement oversees and governs these offerings, ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment. It remains the largest market for regulated online gambling in the United States.

Canadian regulatory landscape

Canada remains an unregulated country in terms of online gambling. However, there is ongoing discussion and debate regarding potential regulatory changes. The prospect of regulation could significantly impact the Canadian online gambling market in the coming years.

Technological advancements

Technology is playing a pivotal role in enhancing the online gaming experience. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are increasingly integrated into online casinos, offering players immersive and interactive experiences that drive engagement.

Rise of online sports betting

Online betting is predominantly on the rise in the online sports category, particularly in events like the FIFA World Cup and the European championships. Many online sports betting companies are sponsoring different teams as part of their marketing strategy and acquiring or merging with several companies for strategic expansions.

Major athletic events, such as football championships and horse racing contests, are ideal platforms for online gambling businesses to advertise and attract sports bettors. Operators of online casinos also sponsor films, television programs, or streaming content to promote their brands and attract viewers.

These factors once again emphasize the huge potential of the online casino and betting industry in Tier 1 countries, which will only gain more and more weight in the global market as the years go by.

Gambling offers for Tier 1 GEOs from Yellana

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Now that you have gained insights on how to promote Gambling in Tier 1 GEOs, it’s evident that success in this lucrative market hinges on a deep understanding of its unique dynamics and the preferences of its diverse audience.

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