How to get Gambling traffic from Google UAC

What is this article about?

  1. What is Google UAC?
  2. Affiliate marketing with Google UAC: is it worth it?
  3. Requirements for running Gambling ads with Google UAC
  4. Tips on running a Gambling campaign on Google UAC
  5. Conclusion

Investigating alternative traffic sources might be a profitable venture for people in the online Gambling and Betting industry. Google UAC advertising positions itself as a good choice that should be taken into account, and webmasters with experience can make a lot of money with it.

So, how to gain Gambling traffic from Google UAC? Today, Yellana is ready to equip you with everything you need to kickstart your Gambling affiliate marketing journey with UAC!

What is Google UAC?

Google UAC, or Universal App Campaigns, is a specialized tool within Google Ads tailored for promoting mobile applications in the app store. It offers the unique advantage of enabling advertisers to launch campaigns across four major platforms simultaneously:

  • YouTube;
  • Google Play Store;
  • Google Search;
  • Google Display Network (GDN). 

Webmasters often run ads with UAC due to Google’s inherent trust in verified applications listed on the store. Although UAC supports a variety of verticals, we’ll delve into gaining Gambling traffic from UAC in particular.

Affiliate marketing with Google UAC: is it worth it?

Before we go into the specifics of how to get Gambling traffic from Google UAC, let’s understand the pros and cons of app promotion through this traffic source.

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Pros of working with Google UAC

One of the primary draws of running traffic through UAC is the potential for significant earnings. Here’s why:

Traffic volumes

UAC campaigns boast expansive traffic volumes compared to alternative sources. With a trusted advertising account, managing substantial budgets becomes feasible, minimizing the risk of bans due to increased spending.

Multi-platform reach

UAC taps into traffic from four distinct platforms simultaneously, amplifying the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. Its algorithms dynamically adjust display prices based on your offer, optimizing impressions and engagement. Initial testing phases allow for audience segmentation and cost experimentation, paving the way for budget scaling post-validation.

Low competition

The relatively low participation of beginner affiliates in UAC campaigns due to the necessity to develop an app translates to prolonged ad efficiency. Because of this, your advertising tactics will result in conversions for a longer period of time than, say, working with Facebook, where it is frequently necessary to devise fresh promoting strategies. Nevertheless, novices who have the budget to rent an app for themselves could potentially benefit financially.

Cons of working with Google UAC

However, advertising gambling products via Google UAC comes with its own set of challenges:

Prohibited casino advertising

Strict regulations prohibit overt casino ads, necessitating a nuanced approach to promote gambling offers. You must follow platform guidelines and make sure your messaging is understood by the intended audience. Since cloaking isn’t used here, keeping numerous accounts is necessary to guard against bans.

Algorithmic audience selection

Unlike traditional ad platforms, UAC’s algorithm autonomously selects target audiences based on predefined parameters. While this enhances the likelihood of conversions, such analytics may not yield immediate ROI, requiring patience as the AI optimizes campaign performance over time (most often within 2 weeks).

Some time ago, the only targeting setting you could set up in UAC was the desired GEO and language. That’s why the ability of a webmaster to use Google to display more advertisements on YouTube or search than on GDN and other sites with lower-quality traffic was considered a special skill. 

As for now, to aid with the system’s learning, you may now add signals, such as indicating your audience or its characteristics. That being said, UAC gets more precise, but not all Google Ads accounts can use it.

No tracker

One common challenge faced by webmasters when they drive Google UAC traffic to Gambling is the lack of capacity to track the performance.

If this is an issue and you have additional questions regarding how to promote Gambling traffic from Google UAC with Yellana, contact our support team via Telegram – we’ll help you right away!

Requirements for running Gambling ads with Google UAC

So, what do you need to get the most out of Google UAC campaign and get around all the complexities and even turn them to your advantage? Here’s what you’ll need:

Trusted Accounts

Start by ensuring you have well-established and trusted Google Ads accounts. These can be acquired through either farming or purchasing pre-existing ones. Having both options available is advisable, especially in the Gambling niche where apps get banned frequently.

When farming your own accounts, dedicate time to gradually warm them up by advertising “safe” products like white goods. Keep in mind that the amount of spending matters more than the age of the account, so concentrate on raising spending within the target GEO.

To pass the moderation make sure that every account, including payment methods and proxies, is precisely tailored to the intended GEO. Ad rejections, account freezes, or bans could happen if GEO unity is not maintained during warming up.

Mobile App

You can get a gambling app in two ways – you can develop it yourself, which only big teams can afford, or you can rent the app.

When creating an in-house app and choosing its content, keep in mind that artificial intelligence will be analyzing its features to determine who should use it. The description, design, category placement, and age limits of the app are among the important factors that AI considers. Make these components as appealing as possible to the intended user base. 

Also, keep the app size small to prevent extended loading times. While user reviews and ratings are secondary, ensure the software functions reliably and address any issues highlighted in reviews.


As for payments, prepaid payment processors are preferable because Google tends to examine postpaid choices more attentively. In order to ensure alignment with the planned GEO during warm-up periods, individual bank cards are preferred for payment. To build trust gradually, it’s also crucial to fund your account with small amounts at first.


The effectiveness of your advertising campaign depends on the quality and quantity of creatives at your disposal. Test all materials thoroughly before deployment to determine Google’s perception using tools like the Cloud Vision API. 

In UAC ads, webmasters use creatives of three formats: video; images; text. Among them, video creatives obviously bring the highest conversion rates.

In the Gambling niche, your creatives should stay away from anything that could lead to system bans, that’s why you need to focus on showcasing the games themselves rather than emphasizing bonuses or jackpots.

Besides, exercise caution when preparing text ads, particularly during the initial days. Adhere to the following guidelines to minimize the risk of campaign interruptions or bans:

  • Avoid using trigger words like “casino”, “free spins” or “slots” that are likely to halt the campaign and result in a ban;
  • Avoid trying to use cloaking strategies in the text to go around the system (for instance 1oo instead of 100), as this will greatly increase the chance of getting banned;
  • Highlight the slots and games offered by the promoted casino without directly referencing gambling activities;
  • Utilize neutral language that does not explicitly indicate involvement with casinos, such as “play now” or “start today” etc.

Lifehack for creative inspiration

While traditional spy tools may not yield relevant examples, consider the following alternative method: acquire or borrow a cheap Android smartphone, install a reliable VPN service, and configure it with the desired GEO using a proxy. Engage with thematic content on YouTube and download online casino apps. Within a few days, relevant advertisements tailored to the targeted region will begin to surface, providing valuable insights into competitor creatives and strategies.

Tips on running a Gambling campaign on Google UAC

Tailoring your approach to enhance performance and duration is crucial when setting your campaign subtype for online casinos on Google UAC. Due to certain limitations, online casino apps could not last as long in the store as other app categories. As a result, optimization of an ad campaign for app downloads in the beginning is often considered the best course of action.

Why focus on app install campaigns:

  • Online casino apps may not remain live in the store for extended periods, making app installations the primary objective to optimize for;
  • Google’s algorithm relies on user actions to identify target audiences effectively. Customizing your campaign for actions like deposits may prevent the algorithm from learning in time, leading to the app’s removal from the store;
  • Installs serve as a native and easily understandable event for Google’s machine learning algorithm, facilitating quicker audience identification.

Before you launch a campaign optimized for installs,  it is worth remembering that the deposit price is more important than Cost Per Install (CPI). Monitor the number of deposits generated by the campaign and base further decisions on the cost per deposit. 

After eliminating the ineffective creatives and seeing a decrease in CPI, you can transition to a CPA model of operation. The important thing is that to promote your app effectively it must be able to pass events that go beyond installs. Purchases and registrations are examples of in-app actions that give the algorithm useful information about the preferences and behavior of the audience.


With its wide reach, Google UAC offers a great platform for promoting iGaming. Even with obstacles like content limitations and audience learning curves, savvy marketers can leverage the Google ecosystem’s advantages to create successful campaigns.

What more is required now that you know how to gain gambling traffic from Google UAC? Of course, sign up with Yellana to maximize the effectiveness of your gambling business!

Daniil Kolesnikov is the author powering the content on the Yellana blog. Having written captivating articles on Web3 and Forex trading subjects in the past, his current area of expertise is affiliate marketing. Even when exploring many different niches for two years, the passion for iGaming is where his skills and creativity are currently directed. Follow Daniil for expert insights and fresh perspectives on affiliate marketing strategies in the vibrant iGaming landscape.