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Vote for Yellana at Peak Awards by affLIFT!

What is this article about?

  1. What is Peak Awards?
  2. How to vote for Yellana?

Yellana CPA network is excited to announce its participation in Peak Awards organized by the affLIFT affiliate marketing forum. As we continue to broaden our online presence, we are reaching out to our valued community to support our network in this industry recognition!

Have you heard about Yellana CPA network before? No problem! Visit our Telegram chat where you can ask any question regarding us to our support team – we have a lot to show you!

What is Peak Awards?

Peak Awards is an affiliate marketing industry survey developed by the affLIFT community. The aim of this survey is to determine the top affiliate networks, traffic sources, and tracking tools in the market. It provides an opportunity for industry professionals to voice their opinions and contribute to the decision-making process.

At Yellana, we strive to provide our webmasters and advertisers with the best possible working conditions. We are committed to offering exceptional support and continuously improving ourselves to meet the evolving needs of our partners. 

By participating in the Peak Awards, we hope to gain valuable insights and feedback from our community, enabling us to enhance our services even further.

How to vote for Yellana?

To vote for us, all you need to do is:

  • Follow the link;
  • Enter your name and email address;
  • Put a checkmark ✅ in front of Yellana in the “Top Affiliate Network” category;
  • Don’t forget to confirm your vote in the email you receive after voting;
  • That’s it!

We encourage you to take just two minutes of your time to participate in this survey. The results of the Peak Awards will be announced on December 19, 2023, providing industry professionals with a comprehensive overview of the top performers in various categories.

Additionally, we would like to draw your attention to another deserving candidate! We highly recommend voting for RichAds in the “Top Traffic Source” category. RichAds has consistently proven its excellence in delivering high-quality traffic and exceptional results for partners.

Please note that voting for the Peak Awards is open until December 15th. We kindly request your support by voting for Yellana CPA Network in the relevant category. 

Your vote will play a crucial role in recognizing our efforts and contributions to the affiliate marketing industry!

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