Best offer of the week: Shell Card Sweeps

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  1. Shell Card Sweeps: offer review

How to find a brand new offer that will scale your income to new heights?

Traditionally Yellana team is ready to present you with the juiciest offer of the week!

Shell Card Sweeps: offer review


All about the brand

This brand doesn’t need to be introduced, its name speaks for itself. Though we’ll provide some general facts about it so that you could understand the power of the offer!
Shell is a well-known and global energy and petrochemical company that has existed since the end of the 19th century. It’s one of the largest oil companies in the world with a renowned reputation based in the UK.

Why to take an offer from the brand? Here are some facts:

  • Its revenue reached 147 billion dollars in 2022, which makes the company more than solvent.
  • The company is really popular and is known as the 4th largest energy company in the world!
  • It’s certified as Top Tier and has quite a good reputation as brand, so potential client would definitely love to deal with it.
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Offer peculiarities in Yellana

The offer will totally convert as its product is the evergreen one — an oil voucher on 500 euros.

Fans of freebies will never end, especially when nothing is required from the user except their data – no credit card data is needed, everything is easy and simple!

Find the main info on the offer below!

Pre-landing page of the offer

Offer: Shell Card Sweeps
GEO: GB, more GEOs available on request
Flow: SOI
PO: 2$
CR: to 4-5%
Hold: two weeks
Pre-landing: it is already included in the offer, before entering their data, the user passes a mini-test of three questions that attract him and increase interest and eventually increase conversion.
Traffic channels: pop and push ads, social
Creatives: there are no restrictions, but it would be best to use the Shell logo color scheme in creatives. The same good old approaches work — use phrases like “Get discounts, This is your chance to win”, etc.
Recommendations: it is best to set up a really wide targeting for the whole GEO without targeting specific cities as everyone needs fuel! What concerns age, you can put 25 + or 21+.
Prohibited: bots, fraud, spam and incent traffic

Now you have all the cards to squeeze maximum profit out of the offer, go ahead and do this now!

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