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Yellana at SiGMA Europe 2023: impressions on the iGaming event

What is this article about?

  1. What is SiGMA Europe?
  2. What was happening at the SiGMA Europe Summit?
  3. Impressions about SiGMA Europe 2023
  4. Final thoughts

Now that SiGMA Europe is over, let’s talk about how the Yellana team spent five days straight excited to network!

What is SiGMA Europe?

Bringing together hundreds of global business enterprises to exchange expertise and expand their digital marketing capabilities, SiGMA Europe 2023 is one of the most long-awaited events in the iGaming industry. With a lot of decision makers and C-level participants, it is a must-attend conference for every affiliate marketer aiming to succeed.

Held over five days from November 13th to the 17th, this event is considered by many to be one of the largest iGaming events in the affiliate marketing industry!

Anastasia Titova, Head of Yellana at SiGMA Europe 2023

What was happening at the SiGMA Europe Summit?

Truth be told, SiGMA always has a lot to offer. Apart from engaging in active networking, the first day was noteworthy due to the participation of RichAds CMO Vasily Gamov in a panel discussion, where he shared his expertise on the current iGaming industry landscape. 

Throughout the whole event, he shared valuable insights during 3 discussions:

November 13: The Current Landscape in the Finnish iGaming Industry: Marketing / B2C Perspective
November 14: Cracking the Code: Building a Winning iGaming Brand in 2023’s Digital Arena
November 15: Prepare for a Revolution: Witness How AI Transforms Online Gambling

Vasily Gamov, CMO of RichAds, at the panel discussion
Vasily Gamov, CMO of RichAds, and Anastasia Titova, head of Yellana

While RichAds was doing their thing, the Yellana team engaged in numerous conversations with industry representatives such as Kadam.net Advertising Network, Alpha Affiliates, Huffson Group, Revolution Casino, Top One Partners, Leon, Cat Casino, Chilli Partners, Ace Affiliates, Banzai.Partners, 247Partners and Spinbet. These interactions provided an excellent opportunity for exploring potential partnerships.

We also got to meet a lot of our affiliates and found some new ones! A lot of SEO traffic was found, so advertisers – buckle up 😉

Yellana and Alpha Affiliates
Yellana and Huffson Group
Yellana and Huffson Group affiliate network representatives
Yellana and Leon representative

Aside from the events’ business-oriented aspects, Yellana also enjoyed attending a couple of parties organized by PinUp Partners and Revpanda + Winterevents as these social events facilitated additional networking!

With fantastic music, delectable appetizers, entertainment, and lots of room for networking, both events were expertly planned.

Were you at SiGMA Europe in Malta? How was it? Share your thoughts about the event with other webmasters in our Telegram chat or ask a question to our support team – we know how to launch successful iGaming campaigns!

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Impressions about SiGMA Europe 2023

Anastasia Titova, Head of Yellana CPA network, shared the overall impressions on the event:

The conference in Malta surpassed my expectations in every way: the scale, the volume of people at the booths, and the booths themselves were well worth the trip! A large space and a plethora of events were added to all of this.

However, it was evident that the event’s planning was subpar because of its poor location, which was at the harbor and difficult to get there. Consequently, there were roads for an hour and a half instead of 15-minute travel time. But the interactive map that allows you to locate any booth within the venue was quite helpful.

Still, I’m delighted we attended the event, made a lot of new acquaintances and received a plethora of positive emotions!

Final thoughts

With an eye on the future, we at Yellana restate our resolve to participate in similar industry events in order to expand the network and create successful alliances. SiGMA Europe 2023 served as a valuable platform for exchanging knowledge, exploring trends, and forging connections within the affiliate marketing field.

We hope to make the most of these experiences in order to solidify Yellana’s place in the iGaming niche and support our ongoing growth and success. 

If you weren’t at the event and wanted to meet us, no need to worry – you can register and become a part of our team now!

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