Top 10 Gambling CPA Networks

What is this article about?

  1. What is a Gambling CPA network?
  2. CPA networks: what do they do?
  3. How to choose the best Gambling CPA network?
  4. Best 10 Gambling CPA networks
  5. Conclusion

In the world of online Gambling, CPA networks have emerged as a powerful tool for affiliates and advertisers seeking to maximize their profits and reach a targeted audience. These networks play a crucial role in connecting affiliates with high-converting offers and providing the necessary features and support to ensure their success.

In this article, we will delve into the world of iGaming affiliate marketing platforms, explore their functions and benefits, and present a curated list of the top 10 Gambling CPA networks in 2024 that can fuel your success in the competitive landscape of online Gambling niche.

What is a Gambling CPA network?

CPA networks act like intermediaries, establishing a connection between webmasters and advertisers, benefiting both parties. In online Gambling, they play a vital role in generating leads and driving business for various iGaming platforms such as online casinos, poker rooms, and sports betting websites.

Furthermore, CPA networks enable affiliates to earn money while assisting advertisers in reaching a broader audience. Webmasters possess the traffic, while advertisers offer commissions for specific actions carried out by users. Essentially, CPA networks serve as impartial entities, resolving conflicts and addressing any violations that may arise.

CPA networks: what do they do?

In general, affiliate networks perform numerous functions. They not only gather offers at one place, but also provide marketers with many other things.

Create promotional materials

A team of an affiliate network assists webmasters in preparing diverse promotional materials, including landing pages, creatives, banners, and other formats that will be used in future advertising campaigns.

Monitor Data

Affiliates can effectively monitor the performance of different traffic sources through detailed data analysis. Statistics are regularly updated, offering a comprehensive overview of the entire campaign.

Resolve Disputes

In the affiliate marketing realm, disputes arising from traffic quality, rejected leads, or delayed payments are inevitable. Dedicated affiliate managers take part not only as a support service, but also as mediators. They manage any conflicts, ensuring a fair resolution that benefits all parties involved.

Provide Security

Affiliate marketers may face the risk of payment freezes or deceptive lead generation from advertisers. It’s not a surprise that merchants can manipulate webmaster statistics. Trustworthy CPA networks act as guarantors, preventing the rights and interests of their webmasters.

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How to choose the best Gambling CPA network?

Almost all affiliates start affiliate marketing by joining a CPA network. There are certain points that need to be considered, regardless of whether one is a beginner or a seasoned marketer. Let’s dive in.

Reputation and reliability

We recommend searching for Gambling CPA networks with a robust standing and a history. Find as much as possible information about the background of an affiliate platform, for example, reviews that can be helpful in verifying its positive reputation within the industry.

Policies and terms

Each CPA platform has its own regulations that affiliate marketers must adhere to upon joining. It is vital to examine the rules to comprehend the guidelines and any constraints regarding promotional methods.

Commission rates and payment terms

Seek out Gambling CPA platforms that offer competitive commission rates and fair payment terms. Factors to consider include minimum payout thresholds, payment frequency (daily, weekly, twice a week, monthly, etc.), and available payment methods (PayPal, Wire transfer, Webmoney, Check, etc.) to ensure compatibility with your preferences and financial objectives.

Features and tools

Working with a Gambling CPA network becomes more enjoyable when affiliates can leverage convenient and beneficial tools. For instance, tracking and reporting capabilities enable monitoring of performance, conversion tracking, and analysis of offer effectiveness. Real-time statistics play a pivotal role in optimizing strategies.

Additionally, we recommend taking into account factors such as the total number of offers, accepted traffic sources, availability of support, and supplementary resources. These elements significantly influence the process of selecting an affiliate network.

Best 10 Gambling CPA networks

1. Yellana

Yellana is an affiliate network that provides more than 700 offers in the Gambling and Betting verticals. Also, we provide offers in Utilities, Software, and Sweepstakes niches. In our collection you will find in-house products and services, as well as offers from direct advertisers.

Yellana is a part of the RichAds advertising holding company. Since 2017 RichAds has won the trust of 110,000+ companies worldwide, won “Best iGaming Traffic Source of the Year” of SiGMA award and in 2022 launched its own affiliate network.

We have built up a pool of converting bundles and offers and are now ready to share them with affiliates. Our main traffic sources are PPC, FB. We also work with ASO, UAC, In-App, Email and so on. At the end of 2023, we launched our internal platform based on user experience with affiliates and advertisers.


  • Total offers number: 700+;
  • Gambling offers number: 265;
  • Verticals: Gambling, Betting, Utilities, Software, Sweepstakes;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, Hybrid;
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, Capitalist, Bank transfer;
  • Minimum payout: $100.

2. LosPollos

LosPollos is one of the best CPA affiliate networks launched in 2015 and appreciated among webmasters who promote offers with the help of Smartlinks. The platform also provides various Gambling offers as well as Crypto, Adult, and Dating.

The affiliate network accepts traffic from all countries of the world without restrictions. Since LosPollos works with Smartlinks, it accepts mixed traffic: you can work with social networks, messengers, doorways and email marketing (without spam).

As for payouts, on average the level of affiliate commissions fluctuates around $1,5-2 per lead, but with a competent setting of targeting you can also get conversion at a cost of $3-4. For webmasters with quality traffic and large turnovers rates on request can be increased.


  • Total offers number: 10,000+;
  • Verticals: Gambling, Crypto, Adult, Dating;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS;
  • Payment methods: PerfectMoney, Capitalist, Paxum, USDT, Bitcoin, Wire transfer;
  • Minimum payout: $100.

3. Royal Partners

Royal Partners is a Gambling affiliate network. It is also the owner of popular licensed Gambling brands ROX, FRESH, SOL, and JET Casino. You are suggested to run offers based on CPA and RevShare commission types with payouts up to $100 and 55% respectively. There also is a Hybrid payment model and individual conditions for webmasters with high traffic volumes.

All Royal Partners offers are licensed. Each of the projects has an average of 3,500 to 4,000 games from more than 40 providers. There are bonuses, for example, all of the offers have a Betting section, where the user can bet on matches in different sports: from popular soccer, MMA fights and cybersports to snooker or floorball.

In the Offers section inside the affiliate network you can find perfectly prepared bright banners and landing pages, which give good conversion rates. Among other tools for setting up ad campaigns and promos, there is a postback.


  • Total offers number: 8 in-house products;
  • Verticals: Gambling, Betting, Casino;
  • Commission types: CPA, RevShare, Hybrid;
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), Skrill, Capitalist;
  • Minimum payout: $20.

4. Clicklead

Clicklead is a CPA network that has existed in the market over 6 years. The best offers from direct advertisers have been selected by the team. Payments are made using the CPA model, but RevShare also can be available.

Registration is simple, and you’ll get access to the Gambling CPA platform right away. But in your personal account you will have access to 20 Gambling and Betting offers, and you can’t just get an advertising link. You need to request access from the Clicklead affiliate manager, this is the moderation process.

Another advantage of Clicklead is that the affiliate network takes care of all costs (commissions) for withdrawal. It means that you’ll get a full amount of money, commission-free.


  • Total offers number: 200+;
  • Gambling offers number: 20;
  • Verticals: Gambling, Betting, Casino, Finance, Dating, Adult, Crypto, eCommerce, Sweepstakes;
  • Commission types: CPA;
  • Payment methods: Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, PayPal, Wire transfer, QIWI;
  • Minimum payout: $100.

5. RevenueLab

RevenueLab is one of the best Gambling affiliate marketing platforms for advertisers and publishers. The network was created as a private network for media buying teams and individual affiliates, but after a couple of years it was decided to scale it up. Today RevenueLab includes more than 1,200 iGaming CPA offers from verified advertisers from 250+ GEO, and more than 11 thousand affiliates engaged in promotion.

Affiliates have access to all popular commission models, such as RevShare, Hybrid, CPA, Listing Fee and Flat Fee. The terms of cooperation are determined individually depending on the volume and quality of traffic provided by a webmaster.

RevenueLab has closed registration. Before you get access to the affiliate network’s offers, you need to fill out a questionnaire and attach statistics from other platforms. Then the manager of RevenueLab will provide unique conditions of cooperation and individual selection of offers.


  • Total offers number: 1,200+;
  • Gambling offers number: 165;
  • Verticals: Gambling, Betting, Casino;
  • Commission types: CPA, RevShare, Hybrid;
  • Payment methods: Bank cards, WebMoney, Skrill, Bank transfer, Capitalist, USDT, Bitcoin;
  • Minimum payout: $100.

6. Traffic Cake

Traffic Cake is a platform that specializes in Gambling and Betting verticals. As a Casino affiliate program, it provides products and services from 5 well-known brands: Vulkan Vegas, Ice Casino, Verde Casino, GG.Bet, and Winnita. The offers of these brands are designed for different GEOs: Europe, China, Canada and CIS.

New webmasters can easily sign up to Traffic Cake. You don’t need to send confirming screenshots from other networks. On the main page you can immediately see your balance, as well as the number of unique conversions, registrations and first-time users.

In addition, the section with promos suggests about 40 banners and more than 60 conversion landing pages. When affiliates are searching for the right creative, they can filter promotional materials by format, language and tags.


  • Total offers number: 5 brands;
  • Verticals: Gambling, Betting, Casino;
  • Commission types: CPA, RevShare;
  • Payment methods: Capitalist, USDT, Bitcoin, WMZ, QIWI, Neteller;
  • Minimum payout: $55.

7. iMonetizeIt

iMonetizeIt’s is a CPA network with 6,000+ offers, including exclusives, that the managers have negotiated directly with advertisers. In the iGaming vertical, the platform suggests monetizing traffic from Tier-1, 2 and 3 countries. There also are Dating, Sweepstakes, Nutra/Health offers.

iMonetizeit has closed registration. It means that to be accepted by the platform affiliates need to answer the manager’s questions and show statistics from other CPA networks. You will not be able to work with iMonetizeit the without experience. Account confirmation is done manually within 3 business days.

By choosing the iMonetizeIt platform, you also get the opportunity to work towards IMI SmartLink.  The algorithm distributes traffic when working with sources that have difficulty with targeting. 


  • Total offers number: 6,000;
  • Verticals: iGaming, Dating, Sweepstakes, Nutra/Health;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS, RevShare;
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney, Capitalist, BTC, Bank transfer, USDT, Paxum, Kiwi, Skrill, Dana, PayPal;
  • Minimum payout: $80.

8. LGaming

LGaming is an international affiliate with 500+ offers from direct advertisers in Gambling and Betting  verticals. Also, the company has its own product — BetAndreas. The owners is LeadBit’s internal team, which has been working with Gambling products since 2017 and knows exactly what service and tools are needed for profitable traffic gaining.

The platform provides free promo materials for any offer. Affiliates have access to a SPY-service in their personal account, but if there are no good creatives there, marketers can request them from a personal manager.

Immediately after registration, the web is available to all offers, including those paying up to $295 per lead. But if you work with large volumes of traffic, you can negotiate VIP terms with even higher rates, a smaller hold and more payment services.


  • Total offers number: 500+;
  • Verticals: Gambling, Betting;
  • Commission types: CPA, RevShare, Hybrid;
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, Capitalist, USDT, Bitcoin;
  • Minimum payout: $100.

9. Advertise

Advertise is a Gambling affiliate network with offers on the CPA commission model. At the moment the platform covers the main popular iGaming verticals. At the same time, there are products in more highly specialized niches: eCommerce, Installs, Mobile Apps, Finance, Dating, and Sweepstakes. In total, Advertise provides more than 600 offers, about half of which are exclusive ones.

To become an affiliate of Advertise, in the registration form you need to select an individual or legal entity, make up a login and password, as well as specify e-mail and Telegram/Skype or other messenger for communication. After registration you will receive an email to confirm yourself. The verification is done automatically — no confirmation from managers is required.

Advertise accepts traffic from all over the world. Representatives of the CPA network recommend paying attention to the African GEO. Also, it has its own system with a wide range of possibilities for tracking traffic (including clicks), so you can work without additional trackers. Postbacks are set up by the manager.


  • Total offers number: 1,271;
  • Verticals: Gambling, Betting, eCommerce, Installs, Mobile Apps, Finance, Dating, Sweepstakes;
  • Commission types: CPA;
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit Card, Bank transfer, Crypto wallets;
  • Minimum payout: $100.

10. Let it Cash

Let it Cash is an affiliate network with great expertise in the lucrative Gambling & Betting verticals. Before creating an affiliate network, the team tested dozens of traffic sources, identified possible problems of marketers through personal experience, and now warns them against common problems and mistakes.

In Let it Cash you can find offers for literally any GEO, and the affiliate itself is now actively developing in trending GEOs such as Africa, Asia and Europe. The platform accepts traffic from Facebook, TikTok, context, UAC, ASO, ASA, mailing lists, schemes. Fraud and incentivized traffic is not accepted.

The main commission type is CPA. There are also CPL offers with payment for player registration in a Casino or Betting program. Such offers are always in the crosshairs of beginners, because they have a simpler flow, as it seems to everyone at first glance. You will not find CPL offers in your personal account: they can be accessed upon request of your personal manager.


  • Total offers number: 2,000+;
  • Verticals: Gambling, Betting;
  • Commission types: CPA, CPL;
  • Payment methods: Capitalist, YooMoney, Bank cards, Crypto;
  • Minimum payout: $100.


Gambling niche has become a profitable venture for affiliates and advertisers. Choosing the right Gambling CPA network is crucial, considering factors such as reputation, reliability, payout rates, available offers, tracking capabilities, and customer support. The top 10 gambling CPA networks listed in this article excel in these areas and provide a solid foundation for success in promoting Gambling offers and acquiring new customers.

Daniil Kolesnikov is the author powering the content on the Yellana blog. Having written captivating articles on Web3 and Forex trading subjects in the past, his current area of expertise is affiliate marketing. Even when exploring many different niches for two years, the passion for iGaming is where his skills and creativity are currently directed. Follow Daniil for expert insights and fresh perspectives on affiliate marketing strategies in the vibrant iGaming landscape.