5 months by Kseniya Valoshka

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Meet Yellana at i-Con 2023

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  1. i-Con 2023: conference intro
  2. Meet Yellana: all the necessary details

The team of Yellana keeps up with the hottest affiliate events, and couldn’t miss the possibility to attend i-Con Island conference in 2023.

Get all the details in the article, and hurry up to book a meeting with the Head of our network!

i-Con 2023: conference intro

This is a global conference created by affiliate marketers for affiliates. This is a great networking opportunity as the event unites thousands of advertisers, publishers and affiliates. 

The event will allow you to meet with professionals from different backgrounds for two days straight and enjoy the beautiful views of Cyprus. 

Meet Yellana: all the necessary details

Check out all the data you need to know to visit the conference and meet with our team at i-Con this year.

Event: i-Con 2023
Place: Limassol, Cyprus
Date: June 29-30, 2023
Representative: Anastasia Titova, Head of the Network

Make sure you book a meeting with us to exchange opinions and establish strong professional bonds!