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The Yellana team is excited to share the important news of our participation in the prestigious Affiliate World Europe conference in 2023. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend the most popular event dedicated to affiliate marketing.

Read all the details about the conference in the article and don’t miss the chance to book a meeting with us!

AWE 2023: conference intro

Affiliate World Europe is a major conference that attracts numerous marketers, entrepreneurs, and experts in the field of affiliate marketing from all over the world. It is one of the leading events in the industry and will be held in Barcelona this year.

At the conference, you can expect a range of interesting events, masterclasses, and presentations from top experts in affiliate marketing. You’ll learn about the latest trends, cutting-edge strategies, and innovative approaches to affiliate marketing. It’s a great opportunity to exchange experiences with other professionals and establish valuable business contacts.

In 2023, the conference will bring together 5,000 participants from 110 countries under one roof. It will be a truly global event where leading affiliate marketing experts from around the world will come together. There will be 35 speakers, 120 advertisers, 40 traffic sources, and 170 affiliate networks present at the conference.

Meet Yellana: all the necessary details

Below is a summary of the information you need to know in order to attend the conference and meet our team at AWE this year.

Event: Affiliate World Europe 2023

Place: Barcelona, Spain

Date: July 12-13, 2023

Booth: #B11 RichAds

Representative: Anastasia Titova, Head of the Network

Book a meeting with the Yellana team to gain valuable insights, discuss the latest trends and establish important business connections. The meeting will allow you to ask questions, discuss collaboration and receive valuable advice from our expert. We look forward to seeing you at AWE 2023!

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