Exclusive offer of the week: ProtectVPN 

What is this article about?

  1. What is ProtectVPN?
  2. Offer peculiarities in Yellana
  3. Conclusion

This time we are excited to announce our exclusive in-house offer to run traffic to – ProtectVPN!

What is ProtectVPN?

ProtectVPN allows its users to establish a secure VPN connection that guarantees safe surfing, traffic encryption, and access to region-locked online resources. 

With this utility, people can protect their IP address and online traffic from third-party trackers and stay safe while using unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. Moreover, ProtectVPN doesn’t keep logs of user’s online activity.

Have you promoted VPNs already? If not, feel free to ask any questions to our support team in Telegram, we are one click away!

Offer peculiarities in Yellana

Let’s have a look at the offer details before running a campaign:

Offer name: ProtectVPN


Payment model: CPA

Payouts: 5.1 USD

Paid event: free trial/install

CR: trial 3-4%; trial/payment 3,6%

Restrictions: websites, doorways, context ad, brand context ad, teaser/banner ad, social networks: targeted ad, publics, games, applications; emailing, ClickUnder/PopUnder, rebrokering, incent traffic

Targeting and creatives tips: to make the most of your VPN ad campaign, ask your personal manager for professional guidance!

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