23% ROI on Kazaboom Offer in Canada

What is this article about?

  1. Starting point
  2. Getting Set Up
  3. Email + Push Ads: understanding the strategy
  4. Creating a push campaign
  5. Choosing creatives
  6. Drafting and Sending Emails
  7. Optimizing the campaigns
  8. Results

This case study was prepared by a marketer with 12 years of expertise, Nick Lenihan

He has collected his insights on Gambling promotion to share with you, don’t miss it!

Country: Canada
Offer: Kazaboom
Goal: Deposit
Ad network: RichAds
CPA network: Yellana
Payout: $176
Period: February 27 — March 3, 2023

Starting point

First of all, as we got in touch with Nick, we discussed his preferences on the offer and settled on a Gambling one for Canada.

He already had extensive experience on working with Canada, so it wasn’t a great challenge for him, this country is one of the best in terms of converting Tier 1 GEOs and in the past 6 months he had lots of positive experience on working with it.

What concerns the brand, our manager Lena found the one Nick hasn’t tasted before — Kazaboom. He’s open to everything new, so it was a fruitful chance for him. The offer pays $176 CPA for an FTD.

Nick had his own strategy — he mixed push ads with email marketing, later we’ll explain it in detail, stay tuned!

Getting Set Up

From the start Nick shared his opinion on working with us:

“So far my experience with Yellana has been great. Soon after creating an account my affiliate manager reached out via Skype to help me get everything set up in my account. This included setting up postbacks for both registrations and deposits (critical for me with my email system), and grabbing the offer link with my tracker’s tokens in the subids for tracking.”

The Yellana affiliate network uses Affise on the backend, so if you’ve ever used that at another network you’ll be right at home in Yellana’s dashboard.

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Email + Push Ads: understanding the strategy

Let’s briefly look at the strategy Nick uses to achieve great results with Gambling offers and then discuss it step by step.

His flow was the following:

  1. Create a push ad campaign (it can be more than one);
  2. Get a user to register on a landing page, leaving his email address;
  3. Send follow-up emails reminding the users about making a deposit;
  4. One more newsletter among all the users who haven’t deposited yet.

As easy as that!

Creating a push campaign

First of all Nick needed to set up several push ad campaigns, to do this he chose RichAds platform. 

There he decided to start 3 campaigns, two of them were optimized automatically, while one was a classic CPC campaign on whitelists. 

What concerns settings (same for all three campaigns), he didn’t make it too narrow, just excluded some of the old OS and not very populous regions.

Click to enlarge

Later he saw that the most rocking results were brought by the latest Android versions from 9 to 13.

Choosing creatives

For the push creatives, he ran several standard approaches. His suggestion was to avoid using the word “free” because that tends to attract freebie seekers and low value players.

What concerns pre-landing pages, he tested the spin-win trick, when the user wins “100 free spins + $10000 deposit bonus” after first two tries and gets redirected to the landing page with a registration form.

Click to enlarge

Drafting and Sending Emails

The last part of the flow is email marketing. As we’ve mentioned, after a user gets to the landing page and fills in the form, he’s in Nick’s email list. 

His principle is to make unique emails for each offer, we’ll provide an example below:

Click to enlarge

He sends several emails to the users, depending on their action:

  1. The first email to register on the platform to all the users,
  2. Second one that urges them to make a deposit and get their welcome bonus,
  3. The follow-up email for users that didn’t make a deposit to remind them about it.
Click to enlarge

As this process may seem a bit tiresome, so Nick made his custom application to simplify the whole flow

The main aim of it was to send emails to the whole user list automatically, and then ping them depending on their actions, also quite simple!

Optimizing the campaigns

There were three campaigns — Target CPA, Manual CPC and Target CPA on New Subscribers, let’s look at each of them and the techniques used.

Target CPA

This was a campaign that didn’t require any manual optimization from Nick. Everything was done automatically by the algorithm, white and blacklists of sources were created as well as bids corrected to fit his goal of cost per actions.

Manual CPC

This campaign was optimized with the help of a manager from RichAds, she provided Nick with whitelists and checked his campaign daily to turn off the non-converting sources. Again, he didn’t do much to optimize it.

Target CPA on New Subscribers

The same as a usual Target CPA campaign, it’s automatically optimized. The main difference is that it targets only new users that subscribed to push ads less than 7 days ago, so the target audience is fresh, though volumes can be a bit lower.

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The results in terms of conversions were as following:

Target CPA — 32 conversions;
Manual CPC — 72 conversions;
Target CPA on New Subscribers — 13 conversions.


He spent $1,000 ad budget in the few days of testing over 3 of these ad campaigns, and then checked out the results and performance after about a week.

Nick stated that the offer was a real winner. What’s more, he said that it was great to see this offer converted nicely not only for registrations, but for FTDs, which is how he was going to make money.

Click to enlarge

Finally, there were 117 registrations and 7 deposits. His final revenue reached $1,232. ROI got to 23%, but it would grow after further testing. The profit was $232 in just these few days!

Click to enlarge

Nick was quite satisfied with the results, so he decided to continue driving traffic to the offer, so we can expect the continuation of the case!

Daniil Kolesnikov is the author powering the content on the Yellana blog. Having written captivating articles on Web3 and Forex trading subjects in the past, his current area of expertise is affiliate marketing. Even when exploring many different niches for two years, the passion for iGaming is where his skills and creativity are currently directed. Follow Daniil for expert insights and fresh perspectives on affiliate marketing strategies in the vibrant iGaming landscape.