Best offer of the week: EVPN X Super VPN Direct

What is this article about?

  1. EVPN X Super VPN Direct: offer review
  2. Offer details

Whether you are an experienced webmaster or a novice, the Yellana team has prepared a brand-new lucrative offer this week that is definitely worth testing!

Let’s dive right into it!

EVPN X Super VPN Direct: offer review

Why is it worth working with VPN offers?

Each year, this market segment expands. Millions of new customers who are willing to pay for VPN years in advance because they don’t want to lose access to their favorite services are immediately influenced by any governmental prohibition.

Security, anonymity, and VPNs are more crucial than ever. As we’ve already mentioned, a lot of individuals are worried about cybersecurity. Thus, VPN application and antivirus software vendors will continue to attract more users’ attention and grow in popularity.

According to the Global VPN Adoption Index, people downloaded VPN apps approximately 215 million times in the first half of 2022. More than one billion individuals use VPNs globally, and the cybersecurity sector as a whole brings in more than $40 billion annually.

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6 reasons why you should test this offer:

Over the years, VPNs have grown in popularity all over the world, so we’ve prepared a special offer you won’t want to pass up!

Why did we decide on it specifically? Here are six compelling arguments:

  1. Very easy to launch an advertising campaign, making it suitable for both novice and skilled webmasters.
  2. Unfamiliar to a large audience. This is a brand new VPN app that showed high CR when our own media buying team was purchasing the traffic.
  3. Opportunity to use aggressive advertising (pre-landing pages) by agreement.
  4. Individual rate strategies that account for traffic payback.
  5. Calendars are the only traffic formats that are not accepted.
  6. The app’s operation is convenient and easy.

Offer details

Now when you know the reasoning, it is time to provide you with details and instructions on how to launch an advertising campaign!

Offer name: EVPN X Super VPN Direct


Payment model: CPI

Payout: US – 0.96 USD, AU – 0.88 USD, CA – 0.8 USD

Devices: mobile


CAP: 50 leads per affiliate a day.

Best traffic source: pops ads, but the traffic overall can be anything other than calendars like in-page push traffic, domain redirect, UAC traffic etc.

Restrictions: motivated traffic, mislead, calendars.

Promotion tips: VPN services are now popular in many countries, including the US. Use data protection as your primary strategy for this offer.

Preferred targeting settings: on mobile devices and tablets with iOS version 14.0 and later; use of English language according to the country (for Canada – Canadian + French, for Australia – Australian).

Creatives recommendations: iOS and EVPN system icons work well for in-pages. The operating system’s message is currently the most effective method. Users rarely disregard these messages, which increases our chances of success.

Additionally, you can test allegedly spooky creatives combined with a pre-landing page that advises you to secure your connection.

By doing this, we employ a mild form of intimidation when the user is informed that his or her Internet connection is doubtful and insecure and that pressing the button to learn more is advised. Pre-landing pages are inappropriate for this type of strategy, but creatives are. The application will be removed from the store for misleading traffic and similar things.

The following pre-landing pages perform exceptionally well when promoting using pops:

Click to enlarge

That is everything you need to know about this amazing offer. As you can see, even for a novice in affiliate marketing, profiting from this offer won’t be challenging at all!

So don’t miss your chance to increase your profits already today!

Daniil Kolesnikov is the author powering the content on the Yellana blog. Having written captivating articles on Web3 and Forex trading subjects in the past, his current area of expertise is affiliate marketing. Even when exploring many different niches for two years, the passion for iGaming is where his skills and creativity are currently directed. Follow Daniil for expert insights and fresh perspectives on affiliate marketing strategies in the vibrant iGaming landscape.